Lower drain hose if the end is higher than 96" (2.4 m) above the floor. Follow detergent manufacturer’s instructions. Then touch POWER again to restart washer. Not using HE detergent or using too much HE detergent. Code ‘dL’ seems too warm, check your hoses. F9 followed by E1 (drain pump system error) appears in display. Follow detergent manufacturer’s instructions. Check plumbing for correct drain hose installation. Always measure detergent and follow manufacturer’s directions based on load size and soil level. Stop washer and rearrange load. Please try again later. It was in quick wash cycle and I heard the chime going off. bleach) in the bottom of your empty washer, and select the Clean Washer cycle. Always measure detergent, and base detergent quantity on load size. Both hoses must be attached and have water flowing to the inlet valve. discoloration. Free repair advice! Check for proper water supply. Possible Cause: Normal mechanical sounds in commercial-quality washer. For help with choosing the right cycle for each garment, see our chart on laundry care symbols here. When a washer is having an issue, we sometimes overlook easy solutions. Make sure that the control lock is not turn on. Data (frequency) shows the water level is at or above the overflow level. To avoid accidental spotting, wipe down the dispenser and surrounding area after dispensing. Or To troubleshoot the problem: Use the recommended cycle/speed spin for your garment. If your Amana washer is not spinning, it could be because of several possible reasons: Using cycles with a slower spin speed. Amana Washing Machine Troubleshooting. can be left with detergent residue. Looking forward to being pen pals! 1-800-269-2609 24/7. Touch POWER once to clear the code. Bleach After the Clean Washer cycle has stopped, run a Rinse & Spin cycle to rinse cleaner from washer. • Refer to Service Manual 16025909 for detailed installation, operating, testing, troubleshooting… * Motor is having difficulty turning the drum. The Clean Washer cycle should be run once a month, or every 30 washes. Allow the washer to continue. Amana Washer Troubleshooting: Cleaning & Care Tips - YouTube Measure carefully to avoid damaging loads. Inlet valve screens on washer may be clogged. This was is only 2 years old. If code appears again, call for service. Continuous fill of 12 minutes. This cycle cleans by using We’re here to help. The washer is 6 months old. Press and hold the Start button to begin. Clean Washer LED flashing at end of wash cycle. • Refer to Service Manual 16025909 for detailed installation, operating, testing, troubleshooting… Follow the simple instructions from the tables below – chances are you won’t need someone’s help to repair your washer. Top and cabinet parts ... 11 Storing the Washer .....12 Troubleshooting .....12-14 Operating Sounds ... Code Symbol Meaning Solution Redistribute the load, press the Cycle Selector Unbalanced load prevented the washer from spinning. than 10 years old, it may be time for a replacement. Solution: Usually normal, but unbalanced loads should be redistributed. This online merchant is located in the United States at 600 West Main Street, Benton Harbor, MI 49022. Drop in your email to get the very latest from Amana brand. MSRP is the Manufacturer's Suggested Retail Price, which may differ from actual selling prices in your area. Free appliance repair help, parts and troubleshooting advice for nonprofessionals. Check drain hose for proper installation. The washer can take 20 to 30 minutes to stop spinning and drain and will display this error code during that time. Washer is tightly packed. You’re ready to tackle it. Then touch POWER again to restart washer. Knowing how to troubleshoot an Amana washing machine can save you time and money. Make sure you’re not packing a large load too tightly. Here are a few tips for keeping it fresh on laundry day.

amana front load washer troubleshooting

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