Seems simple, but perfect execution of simplicity never is. The young-at-heart grandfather of today’s juicy and hazy IPAs is tropical, balanced, and refreshing (despite its high ABV). Heady Topper from the Alchemist is produced in Vermont and is available year-round. If you’re in Boston taking the 90 west for a beer run to Tree House, don’t ignore Framingham, which had some of Russell’s favorite beers on his entire Massachusetts visit. Russian River Pliny the Elder IIPA (3) 4. When our local craft beer shop, Blackbeard’s Crafts, says they have fresh Moonraker haze in stock? They made our Best IPA list last year with Megapixel, and they’re back again in 2019 with No Tomorrow, yet another smooth, citrusy, and balanced hazy. It’s an old school west coast blast of citrus and pine. It also has a soft, freshly squeezed mouthfeel. One panelist admitted they “always order this when it’s on tap.”. Named after a 1960s-era Brazilian art movement, Tropicalia has been spreading the vibes of not-too-bitter IPAs in Atlanta since 2014. Any time you can make your haze stand out from the pack in a good way? The peach and grapefruit juice is fresh and delicious enough to justify the hangover the next morning. It has “delicious” citrus and pine on the nose, our panelists said, plus a luscious, juicy mouthfeel and a finish that’ll make you want to grab another 4-pack. Limiting ourselves to just one choice for this list, we’ll pick Low Viz, because any time a triple IPA is this juicy and smooth, it feels like a dream come true. It balances heavy-handed hop additions with bready malts and a medium-bodied mouthfeel, smoothing out the hops’ herbal edges with malty caramel notes. “We know this beer’s been a classic forever, and it’s far from “hip” for us to have such a massively known entity on our list here. our favorite beers in each of the fifty states, The Best Beers We Had At Juicy Brews Beach Party. Begyle is easily one of the most impressive breweries in Chicago, a city stacked with impressive breweries. Please check out our FAQ, and if you think our site is missing something or contains inaccurate information, please don’t hesitate to contact us. One doesn’t often think of the word “tropical” when one thinks of Idaho, but Barbarian, already held in high esteem for their top-shelf sours, makes sure Potato Country doesn’t go without some much-needed haze. Other Half Brewing– DDH Daydream in Green. Also like our other lists, we’re only allowing ourselves to put one beer per brewery. That sentence is so 1996. A customer visiting the brewery called it “the haziest, juiciest session IPA I’ve ever had.”. Find it starting at $10 on Drizly. Kros Strain Brewing– Fairy Nectar London DDH. The hop blend and this beer feature tropical, citrus, floral, and lemon notes. We decided which one to pick based on sheer volume, and we had more cans of Box Logo #7 than any other. It’s still the top-rated beer from the brewery, thanks in large part to how its Citra, Centennial, and Galaxy hops impart all their tropical, stone fruit, and citrusy flavors — and all without coating the palate in bitter hop resin. We could’ve included any number of them here, but we ultimately settled on DDH Timewave Zero, a hoppy tangerine masterpiece. hops create an earthy, herbal, floral, fruity journey on the palate, with caramel malts adding sweetness. Whirlpool and dry-hop additions give this IPA its tropical aromas and flavors, plus a spicy kick that keeps things from getting too sweet. Thanks so much for visiting– we hope you come back soon, and we hope beer travels return to normal as soon as the world will allow. It’s Other Half’s unsung hero. At a time when the Chicago hazy scene is growing in acclaim, Maplewood’s hazies stand alongside the best of the bunch.” Read more about this beer in our Great American Beer Festival coverage. It’s a massive win. Burial Beer Co. This is not only the best non-alcoholic IPA we’ve tasted this year, it’s also a good IPA, period. © 2014 - 2020 VinePair Inc. — Made In NYC, Next Round Live: What's Happening in the Drinks Industry Now, 24. And probably 2030, if we make it that far. Read more about this beer in our Great American Beer Festival coverage. We’re planning our next Brooklyn trip as we speak. But this was our first ever experience with Heady Topper. Salute to our friend Jake for procuring the goods. Brewed by The Alchemist. Gun to head, we choose to Curiosity 58, a sensationally smooth and creamy 8.1% IPA, rich with flavors of melon, mango, and bubble gum.” Read more about this beer in our Best Beer From Each of the Fifty States list. What’s more impressive than producing close to 400 different labels per year, most of them double-dry-hopped double IPAs? Bale Breaker Brewing– Citra Slicker Wet Hop IPA. Ours is Santa Monica Brew Works, and we’re very lucky that their beer is very good. “It’s like drinking a cocktail rather than a beer,” one panelist said. “A young classic,” declared another panelist. enable_page_level_ads: true “If this is ever in your supermarket, grab it,” one panelist said. Expect big, bold pineapple and tangerine flavors, and a pithy finish. People often ask us where to drink craft beer when they visit various cities, so you’ll find our detailed brewery hop recommendations for various American cities here. If you’re in Temecula, Electric Brewing is your home for high-grade haze. As long as craft beer has been a thing, IPAs have dominated, bringing drinkers in … “This year, we got our hands on DDH Nova Vert courtesy of Tavour, mailed out impressively shortly after its bottling. google_ad_client: "ca-pub-2106663178089717", “It puts juicy and earthy in one delicious, refreshing package,” one panelist said. A bit surprised that nothing from Cellarmaker of Alvarado Street made your list – Dank Williams and Delorean Dust were definitely in my top 15 IPAs from 2019. It shouldn’t surprise anyone to see yet another Chicago brewery on this list, and considering we gave More Brewing our Best of Illinois award, it’s not a surprise they also create masterful IPAs. It is still a gem. It was difficult enough cutting down the hundreds and hundreds of IPAs we had this year down to such a short list, choosing individual beers from breweries like Monkish, Other Half, Alchemist, Moonraker, Mumford, etc.? It’s a unique feat, using only Centennial hops. At the time, Alchemist insisted buyers “drink from the can,” allegedly for the best flavor but really so we couldn’t see its turbid entrails. It has “freshly baked bread” and “fresh-squeezed orange juice” on the nose. Their Topcutter IPA blends classic and cutting-edge hop varietals to create a complex citrus, tropical, and floral nose. “It was impossible to single out just one of the incredible beers we enjoyed at Tree House. This includes the ones everyone’s already talking about, plus those we should be — and will be — drinking more in the months to come. We probably drank more Head in the Clouds than literally *any other beer* in 2019. Susan is a head-turner. Flaked wheat and oats impart a soft, silky texture. “This New Jersey microbrewery is building its rep on its IPAs, and it brought a group of tasty boys to GABF for us to sample. Check out our lists of the best sour beers of 2019, the best stouts of 2019 and our favorite beers in each of the fifty states— and keep an eye out for what we have in store in 2020! We had both the winner *and* this double dry hopped citra variant this year, and this one may be even *better* than the champ, packing sweet grapefruit juice into a luxuriously smooth mouthfeel. Impossible to choose from the variety of tasty Beachwood IPAs we’ve had this year at their taproom, at festivals, and at random bars across LA. Made with all-organic grains, and a suite of herbal and citrusy hops highlighting Citra and Mosaic, it’s flavorful and full-bodied yet refreshing, with depth and balance one wouldn’t expect from a boozeless brew. “Son of Juice is a soft hazebomb, gentle in its delivery but big in its flavor. June 19, 2019.

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