ou must sign up for their newletter as well so please state that in your comment, ÇaFleureBon Profiles In American Perfumery, ÇaFleureBon Creative Directors In Perfumery, Perfumes (Created/Bespoke) For ÇaFleureBon, Twisted Lily Fragrance Boutique & Apothecary, Reviews and Articles by Sr. Editor & Emeritus Robert Herrmann, Reviews and Articles by Deputy Editor Tama Blough, Amouage Enclave Review (Julien Rasquinet) 2020 +Juxtapositions Draw, Small Business Saturday 2020: Perfumology in Philadelphia +#Shopsmall Draw. Oakmoss smells earthy, and woody, sensual with hints of musk and amber and is really not like anything else in the perfumer’s ‘palette’ because it also works fantastically as a ‘fixative’ to give scent a longer life on the skin. WIN ALL THREE new Ruth Mastenbroek candles. You must sign up for their newletter as well so please state that in your comment Andy, WORLDWIDE: 15 ml bottle Olympic Orchids Ballets Rouges (Dr Ellen Covey, Art and Olfaction 2016 Award Winner) classic chypre dgambas, USA and Canada: 50mL bottle of LNVEA La Forêt Dormante (April Lea) ALL NATURAL Mary, USA:  30 ml Soivohle Green Oakmoss (Liz Zorn) Rudy, USA: Cognoscenti no 8 Aldehydic Oakmoss (Dannielle Sergent) Harper, If you are one of the ten winners please follow these instructions, please email michelyn at cafleurebon dawt com with the  exact name of your perfume, ie 30 ml Aldehydic Oakmoss as your subject and your complete mailing and phone details by 10/30/2016 11:30 AM EST. Steffen Arctander in his seminal book on fragrance ingredients, Queen Makeda -TheTrue Name of the Ethiopian Queen,…, Aldehydes In Perfumery + It’s Chemistry Baby Draw, CaFleureBon Musk in Perfumery: Of Skin and Skank +…, Givenchy L’Interdit 2018 Review (Dominique…, Smoky Eyes and Smoky Perfumes: The Allure of Scents…, Fragrances of Film Noir: Scenting Five Femmes Fatales, New Fragrance Reviews: Ivoire de Balmain (1979)…, In Defense of Natural Perfumery as Olfactory Art by…, CHANEL Gabrielle (Olivier Polge) 2017~New Perfume Review, Guerlain Mitsouko Centennial 1919-2019: The Scented Skein. from the Perfumed Court Guide To Oakmoss which includes eleven pre IFRA chypre samples including Mitsoukou and Coty Chypre. – Privacy Policy – Maintained by Charlemagne Web Designs. WOLRDWIDE: 30ml of Hiram Green Shangrila ALL NATURAL Maureen, WORLDWIDE: 30 ml of Auphorie Zen a Limited Edition (Eugene and Emyrs Au  (Art and Olfaction Award winner 2016) Theresa, WORLDWIDE: 7 ml of Tambela Wild Chypre by our Author Dr. Elise Pearlstine ALL NATURAL A classical floral chypre Blessed TA, WORLDWIDE:  7 ml of April Aromatics  Bohemian Spices (Tanja Bochnig, Art and Olfaction Award winner 2014) ALL NATURAL phillipe, WORLDWIDE: 33 oz Essence Spray DSH Perfumes Twelfth Night Holiday 2 (Dawn Spencer Hurwitz) VERY high amount of oakmoss Ruby, WORLDWIDE with the exception of New York State just for this  from the Perfumed Court Guide To Oakmoss which includes eleven pre IFRA chypre samples including Mitsoukou and Coty Chypre. 21. Some ‘noses’ played around with ingredients like patchouli, or synthetic ‘imitations’ of oakmoss to try to achieve some of the same effects as this wonder of the natural scent world, but there’s no question that some favourite fragrances started not to smell like themselves. We take your privacy seriously. We will only use your details to keep you informed about The Perfume Society. Coty’s Chypre perfume, in 1917, popularised this type of fragrance – but in fact, chypre scents, inspired by the island of Cyprus, had been beguiling people for centuries. It must be Kilian Hennessy’s cognac-making heritage, as several of his fragrances have a boozy vibe, including Single Malt EDP, Straight to Heaven EDP and Apple Brandy EDP. Base notes: Cedar, patchouli, tonka bean, vanilla, sandalwood, oakmoss. It is also called Mousse de Chêne'. However, as Guerlain’s in-house perfumer Thierry Wasser explained to us, whenever something is removed from an ingredient through fractionation, ‘it leaves a hole’. We’re much, much more than just a website: we’re a also a subscription organisation for perfume-lovers, offering events (including ‘meet the nose’ events), courses, sampling opportunities, and a beautiful regular downloadable magazine, The Scented Letter. (And we just love the way that perfumers rise to challenges like this…), PS Oakmoss has a near-relation, known as ‘tree moss’ – Evernia Furfuracea – which grows on pine trees, has a turpentine-y scent before it’s blended, and is also very highly-prized among perfumers.

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