I considered drilling a 1-1/4" entrance for the small shed section but since the old shed nest box was often occupied (and chewed) by flying squirrels, I drilled a 1-1/2" hole in the right side section. The original birdhouse fledged many families of bluebirds and wrens, and even a family of flying squirrels! Cut the boards of your choice into the following dimensions: A Miter Box makes quick work of cutting the angled peaks for the roof. Purple martin bird house plans, plans include free PDF download, illustrated instructions, and material list. Some birdhouses are better than others for certain types of birds. The awning over the entrance hole of the red unit is a vintage brass drawer pull. Sides: 10-5/8" L x 5-12" W (quantity = 2), Entrance Guards: 3-1/4" x 3-1/4" (quantity =2). Small cavity nesting birds such as chickadees can fit through a 1-1/4" entrance hole. Built for the birds, this design has fledged several families of bluebirds and wrens. I like to stain the the roof sections and the entrance guards in a contrasting yet complimentary color from the nest box. The initial outline for the notch is shown in the photo (above). I find that it is much easier to paint or stain the roof and guard pieces before attaching them to the rest of the partially assembled birdhouse. The top edge of the shed roof is cut at the same 45-degree angle as its sloped end pieces. All of the angles are cut at 45-degrees and the joinery is simple. These will be the anchor points to secure the shed to the base. May 18, 2015 - Explore Jewel Cuevas's board "Birdhouse Condos", followed by 257 people on Pinterest. The side section fits between the angled end pieces. In areas with Western or Mountain bluebirds, increase the entrance to 1-9/16" diameter. I like to align one corner of the guard with the peak of the roof, forming a diamond shape. The worn and weathered wood has stoically withstood the harsh New England climate and even endured some chewing from a family of flying squirrels. To add a little variety and a bit of whimsy, I like to add small details that transforms each birdhouse into a unique piece of folk art. The birdhouses are simple boxes: the front and back pieces are attached to one side with glue and nails. Let the pieces dry completely. I designed the side dimensions of the condo birdhouse based on the size of a license plate. I used a a 1-1/2" Forstner bit to drill the entrance holes in the front section of each birdhouse. Cut the peak of the divider at the same 45-degree angle. If the tips of the peaks do not line up evenly, mark and cut the bottom of the divider to fit. My new three-unit condo birdhouse is ready for the birds. Free Birdhouse Plans: Purple Martin Condo. If the diameter of the hole is too large, smaller birds might be forced out by the larger more aggressive and undesirable birds such as starlings. Answer: Thank you for pointing the error in the Cutting List! Looking at the front of the mid-sized birdhouse, the hinged door is on its right side. The purple martin is a widespread, social species that is enjoyable to have in your yard. Pre-drill holes and attach one of the sides (B) to the floor using 2″ finishing nails. I used a pickling white for the body, and walnut brown stain for the roof and entrance guards. The condo units are almost done but still look a little rough—especially since I used a mixture of new and old wood. Trim a little at a time from the long edge, then test the fit. and size of birdhouse you should choose. Birdhouses are great projects for reusing pieces of old wood that aren't suitable for fine furniture and similar projects. can't quite picture the opening sides, could you post a picture showing the structure with both doors open please? Using a small handsaw, I made the cut to reveal the notch. Attach the divider with glue and by nailing through the bottom and through the side and into the divider. With separate nest boxes and an entrance on either end, this birdhouse is designed to attract a variety of small cavity-nesting birds including chickadees and wrens. I temporarily clamped the small shed unit is together without any glue. Then on the front section, measure down 2" from the point where the angle of the peak nearly meets the top edge of the side. The new three unit condo is ready to take its place in the garden. Attach the pieces with glue and weather-resistant nails or screws (I use a pneumatic nailer). THE "ESTATE" BIRDHOUSE -- Plans WoodWorkingWithRick. When set on top of the birdhouse, the roof overhangs each side equally. Lay out the pivot points for the door hinge. Birdhouses are good projects for using leftovers and scraps including pieces of hardwood and reclaimed lumber. With the two larger birdhouses positioned and secured to the base, it's time to fit the shed unit into the condo complex. Many of his projects are featured in his yard. Pine takes stain well, the total cost was less than $10, and the birdhouses that I've made from pine have lasted almost as long the birdhouses made from cedar and redwood. Note how the wider roof section overlaps the narrower piece to form the peak. See more ideas about bird house plans, bird house, bird. Cut out all the birdhouse parts as shown on illustrations above. If the notch is not wide enough, move the fence slightly and try again. For this project, I used a few scraps of mahogany decking for the base, a short piece of salvaged pine shiplap for some of the roof sections, some pine shelving and remnants from a painted window box along with some new wood purchased at the local home center. The classic birdhouse is simple to put together and to attach to a tree or post. This will hold the unit securely in place, yet removing the screw allows easy access or to remove the unit from the base. The new three unit condo birdhouse is ready for occupancy. This little birdhouse is a modern style but very simple house. Nothing goes to waste. The stained pine will last for several seasons of sun, rain and snow. The three-unit condo birdhouse may look complicated but it's really a simple project. The side piece is actually 5-1/2" long by about 1-3/4" wide. Run the roof through the saw, stopping just before the end of the outlined notch as shown in the photo (above). The plans for this birdhouse are very easy to follow and still very exciting. Purple Martin Bird House Plans – Overview Place the birdhouse back-to-back against the larger unit. This is a bit fiddly and takes some trial and error to get a nice fit. Thanks again, and have fun building your version of the birdhouse. After spreading an even coating of exterior glue along all of the edges, I clamped the boards together and set the assembly aside to cure. Line up the bottom edge of the left side piece with the bottom edges of the subassembly. Instead of drilling through the anchor points, the last drainage hole is centered between the corners. The front also features a decorative metal eagle medallion. The left end fits up against the larger unit. Your photo of the shed looks to be about 1 to 1-1/2 inches tall but the dimensions are 7-1/2 inch tall. Bluebird House Plans – Assembly. Greek Temple Inspired Birdhouse. The old birdhouse is still solid and ready for new occupants, and I will relocate it another spot in the yard. Now it's time to determine where to position the individual units on the base. I only stain the exterior, leaving the interior natural for the safety of the baby birds. So I decided it was time to make a replacement. The roof peaks on the front and back sections of the two larger units are cut at a 45-degree angle (I used a power miter saw). I painted the large unit blue and painted the other units red. Beautiful design, the licence plates are a nice touch too! The second 45-degree cut is bit tricky: we need to cut a notch in the roof so that it fits tightly up against both of the larger units. The lengths are staggered at random lengths, with the top ends cut at 45-degree angles and then attached with glue and short brads.

birdhouse condo plans

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