It shows pain as a means of communication the body uses to let one know that something is wrong so that it can be treated. That's the reason I am not able to drop! I've watched a lot of medical dramas, especially American ones, so stuff like long discussions while a patient is dying doesn't bother me. but may if it gets better after another week and beanies will have positive thibgs to say i might pick up again. Lee Se Young has given a noteworthy performance as Doctor Kang Si Young. Required fields are marked *. I notice we only have the "review" for ep 1-4 and am a little disappointed that it's not getting a platform for discussion on new episodes here, despite its ratings is doing well in Korea. It also portrays how the lives of the doctors are affected while they treat various patients. We’re quickly introduced to her colleagues, the frenemy who seems to have petulant gizibe written all over her, and the complicated relationship with her mother (Kim Hye-eun), who also happens to be the chief of the Anesthesiology Department. Since each disease is a rare one, one also learns how difficult it is for the doctors to diagnose it as the symptoms often overlap with other diseases. We learn what he’s like, and that he’s in prison for murder, but we only get a glimpse at the case in his past. The whole prison setup and the dramatic setups were quite cringe/y. }; Only time will tell. Because why not. I really enjoyed knowing wife, is it so hard to write up an older female character? Despite it being heavy on the subject of diagnosis and treatment, it is easy to follow. i nevet ever dropped an on air Ji Sung drama but this time i cant live with it. THIS is what could make this show more unique and I am all for it. }; Thanks @missvictrix You will receive a link to create a new password via email. 'Doctor John' also known as 'Doctor Room' is a medical drama about doctors that specialize in pain management. The acting is excellent but for me, the dialogue is outstanding. Doctor John is one of the most informative dramas out there. Sadd. Despite it being heavy on the subject of diagnosis and treatment, it is easy to follow. The OST’s are definite additions to one’s playlist. Not only are they both anesthesiologists, but they both have an event in their own medical practice that’s impeded their pursuits of doctoring. Ji Sung plays as Doctor Cha Yo-han. Interestingly, while we learn a heck of a lot about Shi-young’s story in our premiere episodes, we don’t really learn a whole lot about Yo-han’s story yet. Definitely my favorite premiere of the last few weeks. It’s a bit on the cheesy side if you stack it next to Justice, a legal thriller that also premiered this week, but it’s also more fun. We mainly saw Shi-young in one huge drawn out emotion battle with herself and Lee Se-young was quite strong in these leading episodes. Lee Yoo Joon portrayed by Hwang Hee is my pick out of the supporting roles in this drama. But we’ve had enough set-up to know our heroine, and thanks to Doctor John, we know how strong she will be in her comeback. It also depicts the suffering that they go through realistically. It turns out her uncle OH JEONG-NAM (Jung In-gi) is the warden there, and he asks her to fill in part-time until they find a new doctor. Just the right amount of emotional angst, arrogant hero, earnest heroine, romantic chemistry, and family issues — in other words, the promise of sweet, sweet drama. I wanted to drop it after 2 episodes. I think I’m biased cuz I actually understand what medical emergencies they are getting Yo-Han to diagnose and swoop in to save the day, so it made it more interesting. Following his coaching, she saves the man’s life. Simultaneously, we meet our young heroine, KANG SHI-YOUNG (Lee Se-young). I've started watching from Ep 2, I just realised and don't mind continuing to see how Dr John continues to help or distress the other doctors around him. @mayhemf If they do, it is a bad written script. Ji Sung's show Entertainer got bad reviews because of the age gap before. Yo-han pretty deftly sums up her, and draws out her insecurities every time they meet. Haha. After a quick assessment, he douses the patient with alcohol and performs a quick life-saving medical procedure before slipping back into the shadows. Thats outright boring. Will try to explain the medicine behind the scenes if I can, time willing! Who would not fall for that kind of person!! Few episodes into the show and one comes across the rare disease called CIPA where a patient doesn’t feel pain or temperature and doesn’t have the ability to sweat. I mean WWW was great!!! var js, fjs = d.getElementsByTagName(s)[0]; Together, they try to figure out the cause of bizarre chronic pain of their patients. As problematic as the prison setting was (meaning: unrealistic and far too warm and welcoming), I’m kind of sorry it was just the introduction to the story. I haven’t watched Epi 3-4 yet but I enjoyed 1-2 quite a lot! It’s not like the medical drama with weekly cases as it looks like. I really hope from next episode things get a bit more serious and consistent. cookie : true, // enable cookies to allow the server to access Me too! Doctor John, after putting so much effort into building its two leading characters, just might become one of those. Of course, despite her uncle’s warning, Shi-young and Inmate 6238 interact with each other quite frequently. Please enter your username or email address. I dropped it, every one talks way too much .... but does not say anything useful at all ... and I still can't stand dumb female leads who are not genius on their own but need some one to school them even when they topped the school. I actually really enjoy stories about larger-than-life heroes with “groundless confidence” and a little bit of snark — and I could watch Ji Sung stare people down and make sarcastic faces all day. Change ), You are commenting using your Google account. Despite it being a medical drama, the romance, legal and mystery aspects of the drama are catchy as well. i really didn't like the romance setup, Don't force yourself to follow any show. Later, it is revealed that Cha Yo Han is a CIPA patient who has managed to survive all along by using methods that he has devised. . I like that it's dealing with heavy subjects such as euthanasia but there is humor injected too. I am trusting that Ji Sung and Lee Kyu-Hyung wouldn't have picked a sloppy script. It was interesting to see how the medical content intertwines with the romance plot. Their relationship grows stronger with every episode and is based on supportiveness. js.src = "//"; I teared up again watching the interaction between the two sisters when their father went into cardiac arrest and the dilemma every doctor is gaved with and every loved one will be called on to make, when and how to let go of a suffering loved one. Lets see how this weekend episodes turn out. I FFed a lot even during for 4 episode and am sure ill be FFing even more if i continue.... Dr. but for me this drama is a miss. I liked it despite it probably being nothing new. I didn't expect to hold on to this one, but the first two episodes just flew by and Lee Se-young is adorable so I'm hopeful! The drama, on the whole, was The relationship between the leads is that of understanding and care. It is not the age that makes the difference in a relationship, it is how much they understand, love, and support each other. We also seemingly leave behind the adorable doctor LEE YOO-JOON (Hwang Hee) who works at the local hospital near the prison and is a great addition to the first few episodes. Connect with Facebook I have been watching this show on Viki. Please click the link in that email to complete the email change process. ( Log Out /  Loved your write up!! But from the director that brought us Thirty But Seventeen and the web drama Gogh’s Starry Night, I do expect a good amount of K-drama good times.

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