Current Literacy Rate in Pakistan 2020 (Updated) As of January 2020, Pakistan vows to raise literacy rate from 58% to 70% in four years by providing school access to approximately 22.8 million students, improving the education system for all age groups through the application of modern technological resources.. Primary: 22,650,000; Post-Secondary: 1,949,000 In the beginning of assigned reading, author frequently argues that Globalization has largely influenced Pakistan’s education policy making and therefore PPPs have inevitably been emerging as an alternative model to achieve educational success. Skip to primary content. Pakistan offers Higher Education, Technical Skills to Muslim World. Majoritarian consensus against their respective religious minorities will be hugely strengthened. Read More . It offers sociopolitical context for education policies to understand their processes of planning and implementation. Education Policies of Pakistan. Minimum Standards for Quality Education in Pakistan: January 17, 2017: True: 8: National Education Policy 2009: August 21, 2014: True: 9: National Plan of Action- A Landmark Achievement: September 10, 2013: True: Quick Links. The book discusses in detail the rationale of education policy and the process of its planning. a) Ideology of nation b) Social Development c) Intellectual Development d) Skill Development Ans: a) Ideology of nation 2) The existing Education Policy was announced in ____. He said it was the responsibility of government to provide free and compulsory education to each and every child under the Article 25-A of the constitution. Earlier, in his welcome address Secretary Ministry of Federal Education highlighted the key points of new education policy. Do you guys really see any influence of globalization on Pakistan’s education system? Top Story. Search. Supreme Court of Pakistan in its Judgment dated 25th November, 2011 directed that in view of insertion of Article 25-A in the Constitution, the Federal Government cannot absolve itself from the responsibility of providing Education to its citizens. Main menu. Online Etiquette The guidelines below will help you to use proper etiquette while participating in an online discussion. According to the policy of education which being implemented in the state includes the free primary education to the children of the state, as per the clause under this policy the government is liable and the government is bound to offer the free education to the children of the state both on federal and provincial level of the country. Education Policy Pakistan. 1) Every policy of education is based on ? The new education policies of India and Pakistan will further divide them, both from each other as well as within each country. Ultimate Objectives Of Pakistan Education policies 41. Discussion Guidelines; Group 1; Group 2; Group 3; EDUC 110 Course Web; Discussion Guidelines. This book is an attempt to study the education policies in Pakistan in a critical and holistic manner.

education policies of pakistan

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