Participant. In these lakes, lake trout take on a life history known as planktivory. They’ll be 150 feet away before you can say, “Get the net.”. So when Lance Tangen and I lifted off the ground at the Minneapolis airport bound for Saskatchewan, we were armed more with camera gear than clothes. “I’ve got one more white flatfish if you want to put it on,” he asked. With one quick scoop, Montgomery corralled the giant fish and high-fives started to break out in the boat. “We’re looking for Moby,” Tazin Lake Lodge guide and owner Trevor Montgomery each time we’d hook into a fish that didn’t resemble the fictional whale. We were looking for Moby. “That’s just fishing,” Montgomery said, trying to offer some comfort and solace. ( Log Out /  [13], Geneva, New York claims the title "Lake Trout Capital of the World," and holds an annual lake trout fishing derby. They also release almost all the fish they catch, aside from a few eaters that become shore lunch. We watched it rise and fall on the locater and could tell when it was getting close. Wollaston pike grow equally big. Giant lake trout draw father-son duo back to Northwest Territories for 10th trip Steve caught the two biggest, 40 and 43 pounds," said Jerry Butchart, of Duluth. That’s why you go to Tazin Lake. I was hoping we could get one or two more big, gluttonous trout for the show. Again, the fish bumped the lure and again I missed him. Their populations have rebounded since 1970, with one estimate putting the number in Lake Superior at 100 million. Watch the “PIKE EPISODE” here. World-recordlake trout. Montgomery just laughed. The final countdown. Although lake trout were introduced into Yellowstone National Park's Shoshone, Lewis and Heart lakes legally in the 1890s, they were illegally or accidentally introduced into Yellowstone Lake in the 1980s where they are now considered invasive. Hugo, MN. Could I be connected with a world-record lake trout here on Tazin Lake? Lake trout (Salvelinus namaycush) is a freshwater char living mainly in lakes in northern North America. The battle was epic. [14], Berkes, Fikret and Marguerite MacKenzie. Contact them today at We went there to try and catch a world record. Can you blame us for not wanting to give up? “We’ll get a bigger one.” I admired his optimism. Of course, his experience on this lake meant it was more confidence than optimism. We spent most of the day marking fish in deep water, we tried all different types of lures, jigs, and spoons and we couldn’t get them to commit. So my protests were non-existent when Montgomery would move us to a new spot after hooking into a few decent-sized lake trout that would raise the heart rate of the most diehard of anglers. Throughout the week that would mark the end of the fishing for the day. I had it close enough to see how big it was. I made the switch and dropped it next to the boat. Howdy!!! Giant Lake Trout! Lake trout in planktivorous populations are highly abundant, grow very slowly and mature at relatively small sizes. [11], The specific epithet namaycush derives from namekush, a form of the word used in some inland Southern East Cree communities in referring to this species of fish. We’d fill up on a five-star meal and doze off dreaming about another chance to catch a giant in the morning. Giant Lake Trout! Limit of fish? There was an abandoned gold mine on the lake — remnants of the gold and uranium exploration of days gone by. That’s why you go to Tazin Lake. It’s never been commercially netted and that’s really helpful for the size of the fish and the number of fish.”. The head began bobbing, giving me an indication of it’s size. The world record is swimming in Tazin Lake. As I slowly brought him from the bottom, he’d fight back every 10 feet or so. Siscowet tend to grow extremely large and fat and attracted great commercial interest in the last century.

giant lake trout

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