www.unsplash.com. Grand Canyon National Park. The Bank of Scotland, set up in 1695, is one of the three oldest banks in Britain. iStock. If this isn't a fun fact, we don't know what is! As far back as the Anglo-Saxons, the English brewed and drank beer in great quantities. Great Britain (England, Scotland and Wales) is fully surrounded by water, with the Atlantic Ocean on its west, the North Sea on its north, the English Channel to the south and the Irish Sea to the west. The female is bigger, at 48 cm (19 in). The wall was declared to be made before its construction even begun. Because of its natural beauty, the Great Barrier Reef attracts tourists from far and wide who want to experience this incredible destination first hand. The other two are the Barclays and The Bank of England. The name Australia comes from the Latin, ‘Terra Australia Incognito’, which means the Unknown Southern Land. According to mentalfloss, a collection of Chinese poems did indeed predict one of the greatest man made structures in the world. These facts will give you insights into the country’s history, people, wildlife, culture, tourism, famous inventions and more… 1. A favorite drink was mead, ale mixed with honey. 12 A Chinese poem predicted the building of the Great Wall. 2. This little-known fact may have the image of The Great Wall in your mind changed forever! A record of taxes on beer in the late 1600s indicates the average Englishman drank three quarts per week. The Grand Canyon offers one of the most visible examples of a worldwide geological phenomenon known as the Great Unconformity, in which 250 million-year-old rock strata lie back-to-back with 1.2 billion-year-old rocks. 3. Description. What happened during the hundreds of millions of years between remains largely a mystery. The greater bird-of-paradise is the largest member in the genus Paradisaea, with males measuring up to 43 cm (17 in) (excluding the long twin tail wires). The Irish Sea connects Great Britain to Northern Ireland. 10 Fun Great Barrier Reef Facts The iconic Great Barrier Reef is one of Australia’s most impressive natural landmarks, not to mention one of the seven wonders of the natural world! Interesting facts about Scotland: Knap of Howar, “the oldest preserved stone house in Northern Europe”. You find Bakken located just a short 20 minute train ride from Copenhagen central station and Tivoli Gardens is located just on the opposite side of the street from the station in the centre of our vibrant capital. The flag of the United Kingdom is comprised of a white and red symmetric cross with an X behind the cross. 86 Interesting facts about Australia. Reverse: Face value surrounded by country and year. Image source – Wikipedia. [20] When she married Prince William at age 29, Catherine Middleton became the oldest spinster ever to marry a future British king. Obverse: Greater bird-of-paradise on a branch and face value. Because Denmark is home to the world's oldest amusement park, Bakken, as well as the second oldest one, Tivoli Gardens. Total 1,035,435,000 coins minted in 1971. Coin demonetized in 2002.

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