An undergraduate degree completed in another country is usually accepted as a suitable HZB for admission … You may also need to fulfil additional entry requirements to be admitted onto a higher education … In other states, teachers enroll in Master of Education … Applying to study a master’s in Germany. Germany is famous for its education … General higher education entrance qualification – Abitur. If you’d like to study in Germany… To apply to study a master’s in Germany, the first word to get to grips with is hochschulzugangsberechtigung (abbreviated to HZB), meaning “higher education entrance qualification”. A foreign HZB typically consists of the school diploma earned in the applicant‘s home country or a combination of a higher education admission … In principle, the general higher education entrance qualification (Abitur) entitles you to study any programme at any higher education institution in Germany. If you are looking for the 2020 admissions, please refer to Summer 2020 Deadlines for Masters (MS) in Germany. University entrance qualification. MS in Germany: Admission Process, 2018 Deadlines (Winter Semester), Eligibility and Fees. Higher Education System ... University entrance qualifications, language skills, visas - all admission requirements for studying in Germany at a glance! Applicants to a Masters in Education must also have a bachelor's degree to be eligible for admission. In Germany, the most common form of the HZB is the certificate of general higher education entrance qualification, or Abitur. Some states require teachers to have a master's degree in education. This may need to be a Bachelors in Education or a related field. schulzugangsberechtigung, or HZB).

higher education entrance qualification for master's in germany

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