Every mix has a unique loudness threshold, People often ask, “How do I make my mix as loud as the [Insert Band Name Here] record?”. You can easily get to -10LUFS without a single compressor or limiter in your project. If you don’t see this, try making EQ or fader adjustments. The answer is filling up the frequency spectrum correctly. In cases like these, I share my thoughts with the client and let them make the final call. This way, you can hear the effect of the limiting without being fooled by an increase in volume. You then turn up the input gain of the limiter. Bus your tracks to sub groups (drums, vox, guitar, synths etc) and put a VU meter on those - make sure they are not being hit any more than around 0dbu (which is around -18db in digital 'peak' speak). The effect? Loud mixes have an even distribution of energy throughout the frequency spectrum. So I’m at the point where I finish songs but they sound kinda quiet, especially when I compare them to my favorite songs. This makes it difficult to determine when enough is enough. Be careful not to push it too far or it will take all of the life (dynamic range) out of the mix. Make sure the bass and kick aren't clashing. Most of the time, they do a fantastic job. Yes, you still have to be competitive. This is the furthest you can push a track before it falls apart, and it varies based on many factors—including arrangement, instrumentation, and frequency content. Be careful not to push it too far or it will take all of the life (dynamic range) out of the mix. Also, consider turning on soft knee or soft clipping, as these will reduce audible distortion at this final step. Compressors and limiters help but they are not the answer. Press J to jump to the feed. This, definitely. Let me know by leaving a comment below! This way, listeners don’t have to adjust their volume knob when switching between songs. I also followed you on Spotify. If you’re trying to make music louder, you’ll likely have to get rid of some deadweight. Then, once you have a decent mix, you can make everything louder using a limiter. No mix will be perfectly flat—it’s normal to see a few bumps. Copy the kick drum track so that you have one kick that is sounding sweet and natural. So you won't clip. I spend very little time worrying about loudness, and it’s been ages since I’ve had a mix rejected because it was too quiet. Then limit it, you should be maxed most of the time. OP, in case you don't know: what you need is a limiter on your master channel. If you’re trying to make music louder, you’ll likely have to get rid of some deadweight. If you’re trying to make music louder without sacrificing impact, clarity, and dynamics, the following tips will help. To achieve 'loudness' i've compressed the master on all of my tracks, as well as limited. That's when you know you've gone too far and need to back off the gain. https://soundcloud.com/lukeelderkin/john-mayer-i-dont-trust-myself-luke-elderkin-remix. That John Mayer remix of I don't Trust Myself is pretty sweet. How can I make my songs sound louder? Don’t expect one limiter to do all the work. The creates a "brickwall" that peaks cannot go past. You can raise it further but then you are just getting louder which is not the same as good. Or, you can try sidechaining to make more room. Put a Sausage fattener on master chain, turn fattness & color all the way, you wont regret it. If you fill up the spectrum and mix properly, you won't even need an EQ in the mastering process. Thanks. It will take several years of practice to get your stuff as loud as your idols, so be patient. For example, Eric Prydz often has a violin or string instrument playing a single high note throughout most or an entire track. *Take any advise with a grain of salt ,ears and tastes vary. You can only push a mix so far before destroying punch and adding distortion. Is FL Limiter ok? With that being said, here are the best ways to make music louder, while retaining as much impact and clarity as possible.

how to make drums louder without clipping

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