Question: Gender And State Are Examples Of Which Type Of Data? To help see the difference between continuous and discrete variables, imagine a really tall mountain with a trail leading up to the top. A.Categorical Data B.Continuous Data C.Discrete Data D.Ordinal Data . 424 plays . if we assign 1 for female and 0 for a male then these value (1,0) are discrete. Discrete vs. On purpose, I made it sound distinct that a variable is either discrete or continuous. Discrete and Continuous Random Variable . 20 Qs . See the answer. Continuous Graphs . The terms discrete and continuous only apply to interval or ratio variables. Discrete data is countable while continuous data is measurable. 10 Qs . Range . A characteristic of any species with only a limited number of possible values shows discontinuous variation. Continuous variation in height Discontinuous variation. 15 Qs . Race is a nominal categorical variable. 25 Qs . 684 plays . CONTINUOUS (SCALE) VARIABLES: Measurements on a proper scale such as age, height etc. Continuous data is data that falls in a continuous sequence. 4.2k plays . They can be further categorised into NOMINAL (naming variables where one category is no better than another e.g. 2.2k plays . Discrete vs Continous data . 1.4k plays . discrete or continuous . Simple, Compound & Complex Sentences . Example gender can be male or female. 11 Qs . 1st, 2nd, 3rd etc). 661 plays . Statistics and Probability, AP Statistics . Discrete data contains distinct or separate values. hair colour) and ORDINAL, (where there is some order to the categories e.g. Discrete vs. The difference between discrete and continuous data can be drawn clearly on the following grounds: Discrete data is the type of data that has clear spaces between values. Gender and State are examples of which type of data? Discrete Variables: The variables which take distinct integer values like 0,1 etc. Gender: Discrete: Categorical: Gender as Binary 1/0 Coding: Discrete: Categorical: True/False: Discrete: Categorical: Phone Number: Discrete: Nominal: Area Code: Discrete: Nominal : Rating on 1 to 5 Scale: Continuous: Ordinal: Player Ranking: Continuous: Ordinal: Next Steps. This problem has been solved! Continuous Graphs & Domain vs. CATEGORICAL VARIABLES: variables such as gender with limited values.

is gender discrete or continuous

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