Too pricey. I used kerastase (was recommended by hairdresser) but they are packed full chemicals, and result was my hair fell out alot more than usual. Kerastase Chronologiste Home Kit Which is one of the reasons why I won’t be buying the take-home box anytime soon. As the second ingredient, both have a “laureth sulfate.” Actually, I am sure that 10 concentrated doses would make an improvement but this treatment should ideally be carried out either by a professional or an extremely patient person who can meticulously coat each strand, from root to tip, for best effects. I have been using Kerastase Discipline Bain shampoo and conditioner for 4 months now. Subject: Are those Kerastase products worth the money? A comparison of the Cristalliste Bain Cristal (Fine Hair) shampoo ingredients and the Elvive Nutri-gloss shampoo shows that both have water as the first ingredient as is expected. Is Kerastase worth 10 times more than Elvive? 12/30/2012 16:45 Subject: Are those Kerastase products worth the money? This formula is sulphate free. Kerastase is worth any money to me, especially the ciment line! Yes, their products are expensive, but worth every penny. I haven't bought it since having kids, however. Jan 12, 2007 5,697 Posts Female. Cheryl. I went through an aveda phase and still love aveda actually (hair never falls … I use the Masque Force Architecte as a conditioner and like that a lot too. I alternate Kerastase with Rene Furterer if I see my hair got used to the product #15 May 23, 2009. I have been using Kerastase Discipline shampoo for a while now because nothing else comes close. I feel Kerastase products are really good quality and a little lasts a long time. My hair has transformed tremendously from dry, frizzy, horrible shedding to incredibly soft, smooth hair and no more shedding. The minute I stopped using it, no hair falling out. Worth the price for me personally. Anonymous: Yes, at least the oleo relax serum. The salon, Kérastase Hair Spa By La Vie, is one of only two in the city, and they specialise in ultra-luxe Kérastase-specific treatments.Before you book, it’s worth noting that the treatment area is a small private room that would be difficult for those with mobility limitations to access. Obsessed.

is kerastase worth it

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