Well ok,...I'm not sure why you'd think that. For all my life I've used the spelling 'Mecca,' but generally spellings for locations vary from language to language and sometimes the differences in spellings don't make a lot of sense, but generally one or the other isn't considered offensive. Wow, hypocritical and defensive, at the same time. That's another example of you making ignorant assumptions, probably from the application of false stereotypes. In politics it is about deciding what is worth winning and what is worth winning to gain an ally. I'm more interested in answers to this question than people's attempts to deconstruct the question. [img]smile.gif" border="0[/img]. "Motor-Mecca", "The Mecca Group", etc. Understand that if you are going to throw around political terminology, then use it correctly. hahahahaaha. Some people find it offensive others do not, therefore it has turned into a political debate. Your condescending tone is understandably annoying people. and I'm not such a big shit that I can't laugh at myself. Okay, you've gotten me so angry, and I'm pissed off so much, I have to stay away from this board for the day. is an offensive or insensitive thing to say, and something that they would likely refrain from saying themselves. 9. This is how Mecca word is used : Gambling First aid shoes /trainers alcohol Games cosmetic Lingerie underwear sport The holiest city for the Muslims is Makkah-tul-Mukarramah. I for one do not wish to offend any individual by accident. Doesn't it imply that their religion is so overpowering that they feel bad even when no offence is intended? I'm not worried about any muslims getting a "heart attack". But the word Gypsy is used by the Europeans to describe the Romani tribe that travels by selling things across the continent. In politics it is about deciding what is worth winning and what is worth winning to gain an ally. If you're not curious, and if you don't care, please feel free to exercise your right not to participate or read any of the responses. The word "Mecca" in English has come to be used to refer to any place that draws large numbers of people, and because of this some English-speaking Muslims have come to regard the use of this spelling for the city as offensive. But that doesn't change the fact that, to Christians, saying "Jesus Christ!" I'm Muslim, and I couldn't care less. I mean, I'm not like most fanatical lunatics and burst into flame upon the "misuse" of certain words or trivial bullshit like the cartoons of the Prophet (pbuh). The debate over spelling the word "Mecca" instead of "Makkah" is more of a political stance than anything else. Scroll down! And you probably never will. Maybe you should take your question to Irshad Manji? The debate over the offensiveness of using the spelling 'Mecca' instead of 'Makkah' a political one indeed. That would normally be funny, unless you know the background to Stargazer's comment, which is something she explained in another thread a while back where she talked about the after-effects of being sexually assaulted, including difficulty leaving the house. They did say that they would certainly also take into account context and intent, thus where offense is not meant, it should really not be taken. Oh and SLD, you have absolutely no idea what Nakwa feels like. Stargazer, come on. The names were highly offensive and thankfully, after much protest, they agreed to rename the products. Is it insensitive to say to a biologist, when visiting an art gallery: "I believe this is one of the most intelligent designs I've seen in a long time"? On purpose is another issue. With both of your recent comments, I am beginning to get a better idea of the degeneration that occurred in the Anti-Racist thread, where "holier-than-though" type retorts were slung, every time someone put our a direct or aggressive challenge to someone else. I'll ask them if they have any [url=http://www.lyricsdepot.com/gene-pitney/mecca.html]Gene Pitney albums.[/url]. Do you think they take their religion more to heart than others in our society? As a (former) Christian, I think I'm well within my rights to bastardize religious phrases from my own background. However, while I'm not a practicing Muslim, nor have I been for a long long time, I'm well aware of the fact, that the the question posed by 500_Apples, comes in a time and environment of exceptional scrutiny / misunderstanding / sensitivity and full-blow Islamaphobia (not to mention a counter-productive, or reactionary over compensative handling of Muslim related topics is all prevalent). This is twice now that you've assumed that, and been wrong. Nonetheless, Makkah is the familiar form of the English transliteration for the Arabic name of the city, This board can really f*ck with your head! Perhaps you really were just asking a simple question, despite how overtly simplistic and condescending it sounded. In politics it is about deciding what is worth winning and what is worth winning to gain an ally. It's like they have nothing to add, so why not attack the moderator. Anyway, I was a bit suprised that both of these people, whom I have known for some time, said that there would be occasion for offense in the term. Nonetheless, Makkah is the familiar form of the English transliteration for the Arabic name of the city, Perhaps what could very well be an earnest inquiry, is also represenative of the effects of the growing Islamaphobia now entrenched in this country. "Fascist" is less about pure censorship and more in keeping with a specific set of economic conditions. FYI I'm not white. For observant Christians, using God's name in vain is offensive. - the bad Muslims would be the kind that would become or are, suicide bombers, women beaters, "fundementalists" who live and die by a dogmatic and tyranical and obtuse faith. No worries. Heh. It is purely political, a debate for the sake of debate. [ 25 June 2008: Message edited by: 500_Apples ]. Imagine what my poor boyfriend is going through. As a critic of Freud once said, sometimes a cigar is just a cigar, Though there will always be people such as yourself who argue it's always s phallic figure. In fact, why would you ask a question like this about "Muslims" in the first place? Hey SLD, do you think I'm white you sanctimonious ass? Thanks Michelle for stopping this attack on 500 Apples. ps: What exactly constitutes a "political pundit?" TO ME, the tone of this thread, suggests that opinions expressed, ARE IN FACT, very relevant. Barbarian Image source. Something for you to keep in mind, SLd. The tone of your intervention in this thread, is not a new thing and you have been challenged on it before by others. I appreciate you trying to get my back. And the question wasn't whether you CARE if it's insensitive. (i.e... "thanks for stopping this attack on 500 Apples....I am a lefty but I do not want to be the thought police.) Not your thing? - the "Good Muslims" on the other hand have become well assimilated in Canadian multicultural (capitalist) society, are of lighter skin, speak fluent English, are University educated, laugh at their own tarnished faith and think that Little Mosque on the Prairie is a delightfully funny and intelligent show. I don't think it's so absurd a question. From my perspective, it's you that needs to step back (mod or not)and let the thread takes it's course. Could such a term be considered offensive to inner-city dwellers? ca Audio Help (měk'ə [img]wink.gif" border="0[/img] Pronunciation Key n. 1. Damn I am sorry, I had three drinks last night and massive anxiety attacks from being downtown and this is the result. The intervention of of Michelle and Stargazer seems far more in keeping with inappropriateness, than any quips on mine or anyone else's part.

is using the word mecca offensive

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