In fact, it's my favourite way to learn languages! Indeed, legitimate research without engaging with German theologians is, well, illegitimate. But in my own studies, I’ve found that owning this resource in Logos Bible Software can make it more accessible if you commit to the following three suggestions. This enables intensive exposure to the foreign culture - and inevitably also to one's own. Step-1: You need to start small and start slow. That's why I've created a series of story-based German courses to help you become fluent in German while you enjoy reading … Ugh. Please enter an email address in a valid format. Modern Theological German: A Reader and Dictionary. Kiel is, next to Hamburg, the most famous port town. Moreover, variation also helps boost motivation. There are many exciting opportunities for academics in Austria, including assistant professors, professors and visiting professors, with excellent salaries and working conditions. German All-in-One For Dummies, with CD. Speakers transfer many paralinguistic aspects of their native culture. German 391, German for Reading Knowledge, offered online by University of Wisconsin Independent Learning: Open to students around the world. -- rather than on memorizing paradigms or vocabulary. Reading is one thing, hearing is another! Learning and trying out a foreign language in the country itself is the best way to deal with the cultural challenges. Secondly, learning German can open up further options: with 185million speakers of which 100million are native speakers, German is one of the most commonly spoken languages in the world. THANKS! You can stop your newsletter subscription at any time, e.g. I would love to hear the German read! Maintain a Regular German Reading Practice. Ziefle’s work provides a natural segue from acquiring the language through grammars, such as April Wilson’s Learn German Quickly or Hubert Jannach and Richard Alan Korb’s German for Reading Knowledge, to the rudimentary ability to translate a passage. But keep at it, and you’ll find a world of possibilities opening up for you! by sending an email to, Current job vacancies from the fields of science and research, Professional Spotlight: Development Engineer. Reading books is a fantastic way to improve your German. Gain enough grammatical and syntactical information about the German language to enable you to read any desired text with the aid of a dictionary. Jacob also works for Faithlife as a member of the Logos Pro Team. However, we are not normally aware of this. Once clicked, Logos will open the resource to precisely the scheduled reading and indicate where to start and stop. The French communication style - if there is such a thing - is punctuated by gestures; in the Japanese culture, etiquette dictates that it is impolite to look superiors and elders directly in the eye. Actually, that statement needs qualification. Post was not sent - check your email addresses! food, architecture, and clothing) can be observed and classified. This is not different if the conversation is in English - mostly in the form of an internationalised and specialist variety predominantly used by non-native speakers. So we need help to master German, or we miss out on a huge part of the conversation over the Bible that has been happening since at least the Reformation (and those guys mostly wrote in Latin; yep, you might get to learn that one, too). In real-life situations, it is often difficult to establish which aspects of behaviour are individual and which are due to cultural influences. Because German is such an important modern research language, most PhD hopefuls and candidates know well Helmut Ziefle’s Modern Theological German: A Reader and Dictionary. What better way to develop a biblical or theological student’s ability to read German than introducing her to familiar excerpts from the Bible and famous theologians? The Japanese colleague never looks the latter directly in the eye. Jacob Cerone is currently earning a PhD in a New Testament at the University of Munich (Ludwig Maximilians Universität), where his German skills are daily being put to the test (and improving rapidly). German scholars often have the advantage of learning English as schoolchildren. Copyright 2020 Faithlife / Logos Bible Software. Weekly, if not daily time spent translating and reviewing vocabulary is imperative. Moreover, each individual interprets what the others say and how they say it according to their own background. Ziefle’s reader does just that. At the conclusion of each excerpt, Ziefle tests reading comprehension and understanding of grammar with multiple choice questions and sentence translations. Firstly, foreign academics studying or researching in Germany must also organise their private lives. With a schedule in place, I can get to work every day right away. After all, you never make a career for yourself entirely alone. Appearances are deceiving though: it is by all means worth learning German - for a number of reasons. Appearances are deceiving though: it is by all means worth learning German - for a number of reasons. Learning German can open up further options. But for Americans, Brits, and others native English speakers, we often have a challenging road ahead. If you don’t like to clutter up your calendar, you don’t have to use the “export to iCal” option. Earn 3 … Development engineers are problem-solvers. It can be fun! No, they simply come from different cultures. As you work through this textbook you will: 1. German is no different. Then check my answers in the back of the book. Required fields are marked *. Those based outside of Germany wishing to converse with a group under the guidance of a native speaker can sign up for an online German course - a so-called "webinar". It focuses on tools and strategies for figuring out previously unseen readings -- getting you familiar with syntax, grammar, recognizing roots in words, etc. Learn German By Reading With My Story-Based Courses. At first glance, it therefore seems sensible to invest the time spent in Germany in gaining further specialist qualifications, rather than in learning German. A mixture of methods is therefore generally recommended - every good German course will take this approach.

learn to read german for academics

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