Lymphedema is a condition in which swelling occurs in one or more of the extremities of a human body like your arm(s)or leg(s) due to the impairment of the flow of the lymphatic system. It protects bony … X21086 (Rev. Make sure the bandages and padding … Lymphedema kits are an easy way to purchase all the supplies you need to wrap an arm or leg. First lotion is applied to the limb to moisture and protect the skin. This rare form of soft tissue cancer can result from the … 12/2019) ©AAHC Lymphedema. Possible infections that can result from lymphedema include a serious bacterial infection of the skin (cellulitis) and an infection of the lymph vessels (lymphangitis). Self-Bandaging for the Legs. Deluxe kits have two complete sets of bandaging material; one to wear and one to wash for uninterrupted usage. I had a SPY test showing little lymphatic structure beside foot on L side and damaged structure the entire length R leg. Lymphedema in your arm or leg can lead to serious complications, such as: Infections. The compression of the bandages and the movement of the 1. muscles help to decrease the swelling. BEST LYMPHEDEMA TREATMENT FOR LEGS What is Lymphedema? This Leg kit provides all the bandages required during the clinical phase of treatment. We also offer a Leg Lymphedema Bandaging Kit, with bandages and other supplies that are appropriate for use on legs, and the Genital Lymphedema Kit, featuring specialized products that are suitable for the control of lymphedema in sensitive genital areas. Lymphangiosarcoma. I have been doing MLD and bandaging with short stretch bandages for the past 4.5 weeks. It helps to evenly distribute the compression from the outer-layer of bandaging . This is followed by tubular stockinette and/or gauze for added skin protection. • Before bandaging, get your supplies ready. This kit even includes an instructional DVD that can be viewed for tips and pointers from a lymphedema treatment professional regarding the proper care and … The kit includes two complete sets allowing daily rotation of soiled or overstretched bandages while minimizing the requirement for daily re-washing and drying before each treatment. The kit includes: Rosidal K/Comprilan/BiaForm 6cm x 5m (2 units) Next comes a layer of foam, padding, and/or swell spots which serves several purposes. The smallest injury to your arm or leg can be an entry point for infection. How to bandage • Follow these steps to ensure the bandaging is applied properly. Compression bandaging helps to stimulate the lymphatic system. I was in the past two months diagnosed with primary Lymphedema, both legs with the left initiating the symptoms 6 years ago. Video completed by Courtney Pold Assisted by Lisa Recher and Jan Delariman An integral part of active lymphedema treatment is bandaging or wrapping. Basic kits contain: Stockinette, Gauze, Foam, Short stretch bandages, and Tape.

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