Read more. How Are Dwarf Planets Different From Normal Planets? This means we may make a commission if you purchase an item using one of our links*. Appealing to a wide range of people, from the young to not so young, it is also a great way to introduce the Universe to anyone even vaguely interested in astronomy and space. As foe what you’ll be able to see, Jupiter will come across in good detail near the upper end of the devices power, you’ll be able to see separation is Saturn’s rings near the top end of the scopes power, Uranus and Neptune will both barely visible but can be spotted and of course Mercury, Venus and Mars are easy to spot provided you attempt to locate them in the right conditions. The Lightbridge Mini 130’s specifications are actually very similar to its direct counterpart in the Zhumell Z130. Multiple stars and the planets require higher magnification as a rule, so we tried this using the 9mm eyepiece – we were able to pick out and split Castor in Gemini and Algieba in Leo. The accessories themselves are decent but for the Mini 130’s price of roughly $200, plossl eyepieces are what should’ve been included in the box. Size : 114mm Telescope Verified Purchase. *This post may contain affiliate links. They all also have their pros and cons, some more than other so, in this section I’ll simply label the pros and cons of the optics found within the Lightbridge Mini 130. We checked the field of view by aiming at the bright star Regulus in Leo, and were pleased to see it was pin sharp across 75 per cent of the view with slight distortion towards the edge. The optics performed reasonably well for their size and provided a range of pleasing views from. But, because the telescope is fixed via a Vixen-style bar in this way, we did find that in some positions it was not easy to reach around and look through the red-dot finder to align on a target without stretching over the focuser assembly and eyepiece. Choose your book when you subscribe to BBC Sky at Night Magazine today! ), Not tie greatest accessories for the price, Regular maintenance and collimation necessary, Good for viewing faint objects in outer space, Open optics means regular maintenance in required, Coma is prevalent on lower focal ratio systems, They need to be collimated very regularly too. Welcome to my Meade Lightbridge Mini 130 Review! We did feel that both could be enhanced with the addition of a 2x Barlow lens. the Moon and planets to brighter deep-sky targets. Of course galaxies, nebulaes, star clusters and a fair few celestial objects within the messier catalogue can be seen through the Mini 130 too. They worked well for this basic system and gave pleasing views of a wide range of celestial targets. The single-arm mount delivers free movement along both the azimuth and altitude axes and is easy to operate. ), 7 Best Handheld Telescopes For StarGazing, Zhumell Z10 Review (At $700 Is This Dobsonian System Worth It? On the other hand, if you want more options within the compact and portable side of things, click here to check out a list on some other solid portable and compact telescope offerings. The altitude axis movement is smooth in use and tension is adjustable using a nice chunky knob at the side. Overall this is a simple to use tabletop Dobsonian that has the potential to fire the imagination of young and old, and give good views of a wide range of targets. In this review I’ll cover the pros, cons and the Mini 130’s features to ultimately help you decide on whether the system is a system is worth investing in or one that you should skip out on. Photo 1:assembled 16 inch Meade Lightbridge . Which Planets Can Be Seen Without A Telescope? Get observing in minutes with the Meade LightBridge Mini 130 tabletop scope. This Dobsonian is shipped already assembled and is well packaged for protection during transit, with a smaller box containing a red-dot finder, two eyepieces (26mm and 9mm), instructions and Meade’s Autostar planetarium software. One little issue with the device is that the vixen style of it will make it a little awkward to align the red dot finderscope. Tabletop telescopes are naturally portable and easy to set up anywhere there is a flat surface to stand them on that leaves the eyepiece accessible. The wooden, single-arm altaz mount gave free movement in azimuth. Choose your book when you subscribe to BBC Sky at Night Magazine today! Small instruments are often considered inferior to more complicated ones, but in our experience the value of a telescope entirely depends on the user. These Meade Telescopes Reviews are an effective way to obtain an impartial opinion on Meade Telescopes.Customer feedback is a powerful way to look at many Telescopes from Meade fast and simple. The miniature Dobsonian is a recent trend; now Meade has entered this fledging market with its LightBridge Mini 130, a lightweight, tabletop instrument with a 5-inch aperture. The end is threaded to accept T-ring adaptors, although most DSLRs would be too heavy for this setup. Among the many telescope companies, Meade is also one with quite a bit of history under their belt. ), Meade Instruments Infinity 102AZ Review (Worth It Or…, Meade Polaris 130EQ Review (A Solid Sub $200 Telescope?! ), Meade ETX125 Observer Review(A GoTo System Worth Buying!?

meade lightbridge telescope reviews

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