13 comments. dang man, i feel for ya. Some people (like me) add beneficial bacteria to their water to help prevent and treat root-related plant diseases and help make nutrients available to the plant. Hi I think i may be getting root rot. thanks, +rep. The clay pebbles are not to blame IMO. Root rot in coco. like spider webbing, in a good aerated pot, you wont see the thick roots like in a plastic pot. If they fly by the light or up high, most likely root aphids. I usually catch them around the pots, rarely see them by the light. Always flush with a week nutrient feed, never with just water. Hydroguard is also much cheaper than most other similar root treatments and is proven to work well at supporting root … 1. Try to clone the best branch you can. share. The Best Way To Cure Root Rot How to cure root rot. I have what appears to be overwatering with one of my coco hempy plants, but from what I've read it's not possible to overwater coco because even at saturation it still contains enough air to supply the roots. Google (gasp!) Thin roots is a good thing, actually. It is more commonly seen in indoor plants. Hi I think i may be getting root rot. Root aphids secrete a poison with their saliva that kills the roots (root rot). They are black, and these aphids seem white (? You must log in or register to reply here. Yes but they are not white, they are same color as coco coir =(. they only get KINDA dry on the fourth or fifth day, and I wait two more to strangle the gnats. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. First coco hempy grow here, trying to figure out what's wrong with one of my plants. your medium has to much Nitrogen. bumping here. They are also affected by how dry I let the media get. If you can use the Zon, get some cocolco. It is a bit of a scratcher this one.....the smell you're getting leads me to think root rot. https://www.rollitup.org/t/same-diagnosis-or-different.977626/. I’ve noticed with the coco you only need to spray the clone 1-2 times a day max with ph water and cover them with a humidity dome with some vents open so the clones don’t rot. Yes its 100% coco. JavaScript is disabled. One of my plants isnt showing any symptoms but the other has thin and yellow leaves on some major stems. I grow in coco and water/feed every day. Tomato root rot is a fungal disease. Welcome to UK420. What Causes Root Rot Problem: Plants' roots are not typically visible as they are below the surface of the soil, so the symptoms of root rot are often apparent only when the disease is advanced. So my kushes are 3 weeks into 12-12 now, and when removing the males, I noticed that the plants in coco had weaker roots than the ones in soil, a bit brown as well. - I couldn't really find a normal photo on google. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. As the fungus advances, healthy portions of root turn brown and mushy as the roots die. It can cause the whole tomato plant to lose its vigor and eventually die. I notice you water once a week, is that with the weight? I also use smart pots though. One thing to note, if they fly low, most likely gnats. Been growing hydro ( nft, f&d, slabs ) for over 10 years and been doing great. If you got root rot in coco the pots where not fully rooted out and that's your problem. I've done a flush with ucroots at 5mls per gallon. Take a closer look at the gnats, they may be root aphids. Always flush with a week nutrient feed, never with just water. Root rot in coco, any fix? But I failed badly. It's a tricky predicament to find yourself in considering hydroponics is entirely focused on growing plants in water and dissolved nutrients in the absence of soil. can you link me perhaps, please). Hydroguard I personally recommend Hydroguardbecause I’ve used it successfully to treat root rot in hydro, and I’… My question is, what can I do now, at this stage of the plant's life to counter this? Are you almost done flowering? I also have some fungus gnats flying in there. You must remove any runoff from your drip pans so the roots are not sitting in water/feed. Just chop early make some hash, Yeah I edited my post saw your other thread. Hindu and Afghan Kush. Root rot as the name suggests refers to the rotting of tomato roots. You must log in or register to reply here. My plants: 7 - 5 in coco, 2 in soil. Tryed a I.W.s system thinking it wound make life easier and it fucked everything up. But I have heard that it is almost impossible to get root rot in coco... 50/50 coco perlite works fantastic, but best used with a dripper set up. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

root rot in coco

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