Steven and Amethyst fuse into Smoky while trying to fix Steven's mistakes. Smoky Quartz has three arms; one right arm and one left arm with two fore-arms stemming from the elbow, a dark mauve complexion, dark bushy eyebrows, … Smoky Quartz's yo-yo is the first summoned weapon to not be medieval-themed. Their heroics, however, do not go unacknowledged, as Garnet and Pearl eagerly praise the fusion to their split components and begin asking about their earlier fight with Jasper. Guardian Is fusion the only trick you Crystal Gems know?! 843. believe in Steven… Gender Pronoun Li'l Butler: Li'l Butler • Mr. Money • Mrs. Money • Daughter Money • Dirtbike Money After they unfuse in "Know Your Fusion", they eagerly ask Amethyst and Steven questions about the elements of their fusion they had chosen to demonstrate, such as the attributes of the yo-yo weapon/"toy". Garnet and Pearl were both shocked and excited when they first met Smoky Quartz. The corrupted fusion holds her ground and continues to advance. Come and obsess over gay space rocks with us. Smoky Quartz Steven Universe Disney Characters Fictional Characters Fandoms My Love Future Dibujo Art. Smoky Quartz is considered an efficient gemstone for cleansing and healing, and it is believed to ward off negativity; all are traits true to Smoky's character, as many of Steven and Amethyst's doubts and insecurities are negated, or at least suppressed, when fused together. Voice Actor crystal gems. Amethyst's gemstone on Smoky Quartz features a hexagonal facet. She also cheers Smoky on, laughs when they hit Jasper with their yo-yo, and wishes to make a giant yo-yo "meep morp" in their honor. Refusing to be defeated by another fusion, Jasper rushes over to one of her imprisoned corrupted Gems and fuses with her. Ironically, this incited her to fuse with a Corrupted Gem, which ultimately leads to her own corruption. Smoky Quartz is the fusion of Steven and Amethyst and is Steven's first fusion with a Gem. The Smoky Quartz quote from Future is really healthy. However, like most fusions, they can unfuse when under stress or intense emotion, as shown upon witnessing the beginning of Jasper's corruption. Smoky Quartz is the first fusion seen on the show that has three arms, and the first Gem seen to have an odd number of arms. They now wear Amethyst's black top with torn holes on the chest over Steven's shirt, their leggings are gone and Steven's sleeves no longer show, their boots are now white, and their jeans are replaced by ripped shorts. An early sketch of Smoky Quartz shows them with them having two right arms instead of left arms, they did not have a torn top, and they were slimmer. They are slightly taller than Jasper and have a large, wide build which stems from both Steven and Amethyst's chubby body structure. Their hair reaches to their shoulders and is styled similarly to Amethyst's, and its dark brown color and slight curliness comes from Steven. After realizing she could not win against them, she exclaimed that she would not lose against yet another fusion. TV Show: Steven Universe Franchise: Steven Universe. At the start of the show, Sardonyx asks Smoky questions, hoping to learn more about them and their abilities. Due to her dislike of fighting fusions, Jasper is particularly exasperated by Smoky Quartz. Rose's Room: Cloud Connie • Tiny Floating Whale They/Them Oh, what a pleasure it is to meet you! And that's okay.". Eyes After they realize what Steven did, they spot Pearl's gem and unfuse to propel Steven towards it. They are extremely confident in battle because of their cooperators' trust in one another, and as a result, they are a moderately stable fusion. Personal Status The new fusion engages Jasper, combining their yo-yo and agility to successfully combat the Homeworld Gem. They are extremely confident in battle because of their cooperators' trust in one another, and as a result, they are a moderately stable fusion. Smoky wears Steven's black shirt under Amethyst's outfit with Steven's jacket tied around their waist. She takes them to her room in the Crystal Temple, where she hosts her show, Sardonyx Tonight. Alignment Appearance . When Steven and Amethyst fuse to show Garnet and Pearl the latter end up fusing into Sardonyx. Aliens: Beetle Aliens • Bird Blob Aliens • Ungulate Aliens • Worm Aliens • Flower-Like Aliens • Minor Alien Characters, Camp Pining Hearts: Paulette • Percy • Pierre The yo-yo shares a theme - being unconventional as weapons - with the weapons of other fusions between Steven and the Crystal Gems: Smoky Quartz's yo-yo tricks were based on yo-yo master Tom Black's tricks from Cirque du Soleil. They formed for the very first time in their debut episode, "Earthlings". Dark brown They restored some confidence to Amethyst, who had become depressed and unmotivated after being poofed at the hands of Jasper and ultimately unneeded when Stevonnie won the battle. They don't get mad at themself for not saving a crashing roller coaster, instead saying "Well, sometimes you save all the people but the roller coaster still crashes into the ocean. Movies: Steven Universe the Movie. Media Seeing Jasper's infection upsets Smoky enough to unfuse. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. Crystal Gems Unfused: Rose Quartz • Pearl • Amethyst • Ruby • Sapphire • Peridot • Bismuth • Lapis Lazuli • Larimar Fusions: Garnet • Alexandrite • Opal • Sardonyx • Sugilite Hybrid Fusions: Stevonnie • Smoky Quartz • Rainbow Quartz 2.0 • Sunstone. "Smoky Quartz""Consolation" (fusion theme) Later, in "Back to the Kindergarten", Smoky rescues Peridot from the Flower Monster, but unfuses shortly after. Lonely Blade: Evil Janitor • Lonely Blade • Lonely Blade's Brother Don't bother putting your socks back on, 'cause I'm about to knock 'em off again! "Earthlings" Sardonyx becomes dismayed realizing that she had ruined Smoky's plan to impress Garnet and Pearl, and unfuses. When Steven drops the Crystal Gems' gemstones from a great height on Homeworld and falls after to try and catch them, he grabs Amethyst's and pleads with her to reform. Natasha Lyonne Smoky Quartz is a fusion of Amethyst and Steven. The two Crystal Gems are surprised and overjoyed. Their humor can also be rather self-deprecating at times, as shown in the episode, "Know Your Fusion". It is a dodecahedron, specifically a truncated pentagonal dipyramid. Jasper attempts to fuse again with the Gem Monster, telling her that they can defeat Smoky if they stay together. Forget your name; you've got a fight to win! As a fusion, Smoky Quartz adopts both Steven's and Amethyst's personalities. Incarnations View all 3 versions of Smoky Quartz ... Add a Comment. Characteristics Smoky performs poorly on each one, and feeling incompetent, begins to disparage themself. Smoky Quartz is the only fusion involving Amethyst that doesn't have long hair. Music Theme SmokyMy Darling (Sardonyx)The Yo-You (Sardonyx) Steven Universe Future Wiki is a FANDOM TV Community. Their hair reaches to their shoulders and is styled similarly to Amethyst’s, and its dark brown color and slight curliness comes from Steven. Shows: Steven Universe: Future, Steven Universe. The Spirit Morph Saga: Archimicarus • Lisa • Plinkman • Wind Lizard, Groups: Light Army • Blue Monsters • Green Monsters • Indigo Monsters • Orange Monsters • Red Monsters. Without Sardonyx, the room begins to fall apart. In the Prime Kindergarten, after Peridot accidentally provokes the Flower Monster and it pulls her into its mouth, Steven and Amethyst fuse into Smoky Quartz, who defeats the monster and frees Peridot. Humans: Connie Maheswaran Discussion. In this case, Smoky Quartz has a proud, carefree, excited, and happy-go-lucky attitude. You've made quite the impression already! First Appearance As they spill back into the Beach House, Smoky unfuses. In this case, Smoky Quartz has a proud, carefree, excited, and happy-go-lucky attitude. Yo-yo Steven and Amethyst fuse into Smoky Quartz to show Garnet and Pearl. However, as shown in "Know Your Fusion", Smoky also has both of Steven and Amethyst's self-doubts added together.

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