MXL. Ultimately, the MXL 770 is everything you’d expect an entry-level condenser microphone … MXL 770 Review: The Bottom Line. The MXL 2008 large diaphragm condenser microphone is a lot of mic for your money. The MXL 990/MXL 991 Recording Mic Package is your one-stop mic kit for vocals, drum overheads, acoustic guitars, and more! The MXL 990 has a frequency response from 30Hz – 20kHz. The MXL 770 and MXL 990 are typically billed as a large-condenser microphone, but their diaphragm diameter actually falls a quarter of an inch short of the one-inch standard. The MXL R144 HE is no exception … We’ll test this mic for … When we tested the mic … That makes it ideal for recording vocals and acoustic instruments. Two studio condenser microphones are included. MXL is the brand name for pro audio gear, including microphones, made by Marshall Electronics. Buy it on MXL has been in the microphone business for a while, producing some of the best ribbon microphones around. The 990 offers a silky, sweet high end and a tight solid bass, perfect for recording vocals; and the 991 is a superior instrument microphone … MXL R144 HE. Looking at the frequency response chart, it shows a presence boost from 5 – 10kHz. The company headquarters is located in southern California, employing approximately 200 … It comes in a hard case, includes a shock mount, and has a frequency response of 30Hz to 20KHz.

who makes mxl microphones

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