Construction & Technique

Bespoke tiemaking is Spazio Artigianale’s main focus.

Our goal is to achieve maximum quality and value for money. To that end, we do not premanufacture bespoke ties and we provide only cloth photos initially. In that way, all our items are bespoke from scratch and not modified premade items. 

The order process starts with you selecting cloth, dimensions and possibly details. The standard dimension is 8x150cm. Thereafter, the cloth is cut specifically for you using the pattern pertaining to your specified dimensions. No machinery is used in any point through the cutting, sewing and finishing process.

Spazio Artigianale use a unique, innovative method for hand rolling. This type of hand finishing is not taught in classes or manuals and is exclusive to our ties. It produces a 1-4 mm thin roll, dictated by the properties of each cloth. It is very durable and can hold its shape for years without warping. 

The central slip stich thred on the back of the tie is made using ultra durable thread. The loose ends in each blade are there to relieve the tension from loosening the tie, and should not be cut or fiddled with, as they are structural and functional elements of the construction. 

The keeper loop is fixed at 30cm height from the tip of the front blade. The french tack is placed right below the loop. 

Comparison between bottleneck and classic tie cuts:

Comparison between sevenfold and threefold unlined ties:

Every single Spazio Artigianale tie is unique, cut and sewn completely by hand. Small variations in dimension or little imperfections in no way present a lack of care or lower quality. On the contrary, the unique character of each item sets them apart from the fast fashion items.

You’re welcome into the world of bespoke tiemaking. Express your character and personality with items as unique as yourself!


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